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Virtual Card Manipulation Teach-In
Card Links

Find what you need here.....I did.

Here is a compiled list of links that will take you to places where you can get hard to find items. Fanning Decks, Kabuki Streamers, and tools to help you with your card manipulations.

Power Tools Kit for Card Manipulation at

(go to their search engine and type the words "power tools")

Norm Nielsen's cards, card press, and fanning powder.

(Click on "Magic Products" and then "Manipulation Supplies")

Stage Pro BackDrops and Cases

Joe Cossari's World Famous Fanning Cards

Abbot's Fanning Cards

(Click on "Abbott's Specials" and then click on "Fanning Cards")

Dragon Fanning Deck

Dragon Fanning Deck 2

Kabuki Throw Streamers

(scroll down and click on "Kabuki Throw Streamers")