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Virtual Card Manipulation Teach-In
Back Palm - Updated!

A little tougher but worth it


*Tip* Always warm your hands up first!

I use a Gripmaster Finger Exerciser that allows for me to exercise and warm-up each digit of the hand. It also helps you to build up your dexterity and strength with each individual finger on both hands. If you want one you can pick one up at any local retailer in the fitness department.

Front and Back Palming

The Back "Palm"

The name is misleading since you don't actually palm anything with the back of your hands! I would prefer it to be called the "BACKCLIP"(*duh*) This move is accomplished by holding the card face-up between the thumb on the face side and the tips of the middle and ring finger on the backside. Apply some pressure to the card, bend the ring and middle fingers in towards the palm, and push the card up so that now it is clinched in between the thumb and the portion of the ring and middle fingers just above the knuckles. Now move the index and pinkey down towards the thumb holding the card and put pressure on the corners of the card until it is now held with the thumb, pressing the card against the ring and middle fingers just above the knuckle, and also the index and pinkey holding the edges of the card against the sides of the ring and middle fingers. *whew*

Release the thumb and you will find that the card is clipped and still being held in place by the index and pinkey fingers against the sides of the ring and middle fingers. Here is where the card officially goes "invisible" to the audience. extend yout fingers outward so that they point away from your wrist. The card will go behind the hand at this point. The hand should appear to be openly displaying the palm and the fronts of the fingers empty. The card is still clipped by the fingers and held out of view from the audience.

To reproduce it you must bend your fingers back in and replace your thumb on the face of the card. Release the index and pinkey fingers and continue to apply pressure with the thumb to the now bent ring and middle fingers. Pull the card off the surface of the fingers and onto the tips of the ring and middle fingers. You should now be holding the card between the tips of your fingers and thumb. *VOILA*....the back, I mean backclip.