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Virtual Card Manipulation Teach-In


The Card Manipulator's On-Line Teach-in UPDATED!!!!!!!

UPDATED on JUNE 3, 2002!!!  You've found it! The online resource for Card Manipulation. Here you can learn, discover, and even master some of the toughest and most respected moves in magic today. Reputations are built on these moves and they are now here for you to learn on the web. Sit back, relax, and get ready to amaze yourself with the moves supplied in this on-line library of card moves.

Finally the page is updated! I have been almost criminally delinquent in my updates but the finger palm page (after ALOT of  requests to my inbox has been updated).  More updates to come this week so stay tuned!!

If you have any links that I have not included or moves you would like to see here. Contact me at :

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Clipart of a computer; Actual size=146 pixels wide more than just a hobby it's an addiction. Ask any card-fiend on the street and they'll tell you the same. Taking the time to learn these sleights and moves is an artform in itself. Put in the practice, though, and you will find it is one of the most rewarding things you have ever done. Good Luck!

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Fanning- Updated!

Back Palm - Updated!

Finger Palm - Updated!!

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