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Virtual Card Manipulation Teach-In
Finger Palm - Updated!!

These moves may prove to be more difficult than others but remember that with a little practice....anything is possible.


The finger palm:

Just like the back palm except a little trickier. The card is clipped behind the hand by the pinkey and middle fingers. The card should be flush up against the ring finger. This will allow you to show your hands with the fingers apart.

* HOW ? * : With the card in FINGER PALM you place your thumb against the edge of the card between your middle and ring fingers and press it against the ring finger holding it in place securely. Gently wave your hands up and down with the fingers cleanly and openly displayed.

To bring the card back you must pull the card through the space between the ring and middle fingers fully exposing and neatly displaying it to the audience.

The other finger palm method:

Just like the other method except you clip the card between the index and ring finger. Follow the same instructions as before but substitute this clipping technique for the one between the pinkey and middle finger. Practice up and have fun.