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Virtual Card Manipulation Teach-In
Fanning- Updated!

Your Basic Fanning Techniques

The fan is probably the most common and one of the most elegant moves in a manipulator's repertoire. To accomplish this you need a deck of cards in fairly good shape. Place the fan in your dominant hand between your thumb and your index finger and seated firmly in the thumb crotch. With the opposite hand you may use one of three different methods to fan these cards; the thumb, the index finger, or you may use the palm directly under the thumb. The object is to spread the cards evenly and in a circular manner so that you create an actual "fan-like" appearance. Several attempts with these methods and you will find that one is easier than the others for you. Keep hard at it and it will be second-nature in no time.

* TIP *


I have developed a special technique called the "quick-fix" to help beginner's and it has even allowed some professionals to perform a fan easier and to create larger fans. The technique sounds complicated but bear with it and give it a chance. ** Take the cards to be fanned and spread them thinly in the palm of your hand. Take the cards that have been spread out with the thumb and middle finger of the hand that will do the actual fanning motion for the cards and place them back, still spread, in the fanning position. Make the fanning motion and you will find that it is quite a bit easier because YOU ARE ONLY FANNING ABOUT 1/3 OF THE DECK. The spread cards fill in the space at the beginning of the fan's shape and allow you to "cheat" by just having to fan a portion of the deck instead of all of it. Play with the idea for a while and have fun! (See Pic Above)**

--Sean McClure